We teach Stiltwalking with hand held wooden stilts using a traditional circus method. After instruction - workshop participants work in pairs together giving wach other support . This means you experience stilts in a safe environment. Stiltwalking is not compulsory but highly recomended. You could reach dizzy heights with a new career in circus


juggling unicyclist


The unicycle is the hardest circus skill to master.There is a wide variation in athletic fitness, balance perception, and reaction time among those learning to ride a unicycle. There may be some bumps along the way but with practice you can master the art of Juggling on a Unicycle! In our circus workshop you will at least get a taste of Unicycling. Unicycling is not compulsory.

walking the tightrope

Tightwire-Tightwire Walking

Walking the tightwire is very popular at Streetentertainers circus skills workshops. It is not quite as easy as getting from A to B. We take the workshop participants through all the stages required to walk the tight rope, under safe instruction. You won't fall far, as our professional practice tightrope is close to the ground and an instructor will always be near by.