First the Diabolo

Diabolos - one of the oldest toys in existence, dating back 4000 years and invented by the chinese.The diabolo was brought to Europe by french and english explorers and traders returning from the Orient. In the 1800's the wooden Diabolo became very popular in France. The fashion spread to Britain and along with Indian Club swinging became a popular pass time during the Victorian Era. The Diabolo has since been rediscovered and thanks to newer lighter materials and advances in fabrication it is now possible to perform a far wider range of tricks and throws. Diabolos are very popular on the "streets" at the moment

diabolos tricks

What is a Diablo

The Diablo is made up of two control handles(sticks) joined with a piece of string. The diabolo looks like a double plunge, spun on a string -it' s rather like a large yo-yo .Starting with a simple method of teaching participants to spin the diabolo we then progress to teaching tricks. Under the leg , into the air, leading to the tricky suicide where the stick's are released.

Devil sticks

The Devil Stick

Called the Devil stick because it is devilishly difficult. Sometimes known as a flower stick, the devil stick consists of two hand sticks and a larger stick which is spun between them. The devil stick is not unlike the diabolo but the control sticks have no string. The devil stick is manipulated by hitting the large devil stick close to the sticks end.